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3 Bright Solutions for a More Effective Office

Bring Automation to Your Frisco, Texas Boardroom with Smart Lighting & Shading

3 Bright Solutions for a More Effective Office

There are many ways boardroom automation can enhance the environment of your office. The benefits don’t even have to be limited to the audiovisual components in the room. Two of the most important features when it comes to design and function are actually lighting and shading. From increasing your security to cutting down energy costs, Crown Audio Video can install smart control solutions that will optimize your Frisco, Texas office space.

Transform Your Space at the Press of a Button 
A boardroom automation system makes managing your lights and shades simple whether you’re working from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. A boardroom already stands out for its versatility: it can be a shared work space, a presentation room or a meeting room. Depending on the specific use you have in mind, you can alter the lights and shades at the press of a button to create the perfect environment for each activity. 
For a video conference, close some of the front shades to block sunlight and reduce glare on the display. If you have a speaker in the meeting, turn on the lights over the podium so everyone can see the person clearly. If you’re doing a presentation, close all your shades and dim the lights and let your LED screen stand out. The settings for each specific activity can be saved in your system and used later at a moment’s notice. 
Cut Down on Energy Costs with Smart Shading  
Large wall-to-wall windows are a hallmark of most boardrooms. An open, well-lit environment inspires work and collaboration. No one’s going to feel creative in a stuffy work space drenched in artificial light! While the natural light and external view provide a breath of fresh air to your work environment, they can also come become a burden on your energy bills if not managed properly. 
How do you know which shades to keep open? How do you choose between natural and artificial lights? All these questions can be resolved with a boardroom automation system. Sun sensors on your shades direct them to close during peak daylight hours to cool the office and limit glare, while keeping them open the rest of the day to maximize natural light. 
Highlight your Best Features with the Right Design 
The lighting and shading in your room are also there to serve as decoration. General ceiling lights bask your room in a soft glow while focused fixtures highlight artwork on the walls. Crown also offers a wide variety of colors, patterns, and shade styles for your boardroom so you can match the drapes or shades with the rest of your office décor. Both the lights and shades can be easily adjusted through your automation system through a tablet, smartphone, or touch screen to fit your mood or activity. 
Interested in bringing smart lighting and shading systems into your space? Fill out our online contact form for a custom boardroom automation solution.