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3 Automated Features Your Home Needs

Enhance Your Life with these Essential Smart Tech Components

3 Automated Features Your Home Needs

After dealing with a day’s stresses, you want your home to be the restful and calming retreat to return to when things get hectic.  Now imagine your place having the ability to anticipate your every need, and make convenience and comfort a must for your daily activities.  Smart home automation can make even the easiest of tasks that much simpler for you in your Highland Park, TX house.  Read on to see the smart control features that can transform the way you view your own living space.

Lighting Control

 With controlled lighting, you can completely change the way you and your guests see and feel your home.  Set the mood and create ambiance when you have friends over for a dinner party, dimming the lights when the meal is through with and you’d like to encourage more conversation.  Schedule your lights to come on at certain hours of the day, like when the sun rises, so you get a bright kitchen and living room to enter when you wake.

Lighting control helps you save energy as well.  Your system’s sensors can tell when the last person has left a room, and will automatically turn off the lights so they don’t go wasted.  Your bills will lower, and you can rest assured you are in absolute control over your lighting.


 Motorized Shades

Sometimes, natural lighting can be the ideal addition to any part of your home.  With a press of a button, you can easily raise or lower your motorized shades for when you see fit.  Or you can let the light in by setting a schedule for the shades to respond to the different hours of the day.  Similarly, to avoid solar heat gain, your shades’ sensors can notice when the sun’s powerful rays are shining through the windows, and will automatically roll themselves down.

There are numerous patterns, styles, and fabrics to choose from, so that you get the exact perfect shades for your space.  Dual shading allows you to choose intense blackout shades, for movie nights, and more aesthetically pleasing shades to add to your décor.  You don’t have to compromise practicality for design with endless automated shades options!

Audio Video Distribution

Controlling your lights and blinds is ideal to find comfort in your home, but imagine managing fun and games in the same manner.  With distribute audio and video, you can have access to your whole media library, all from one centralized system.  You can listen to any song your heart desires with ease, or continue watching your favorite series, in any corner of your house.

Operating the system is also very simple – use your smartphone, tablet, or other smart device to control your entire media collection.  Select from old CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, and streaming services to decide what to watch or listen to next in your entertainment center.

Your home can be the most entertaining and relaxing place to be – and all controlled from one source.  Call us today at (214) 377- 9434 or fill out our contact form to learn more about how smart home automation can bring luxury and leisure to your lifestyle.