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Articles in Category: Lighting Control System

Make the most out of your lighting control system with the latest, up-to-date news, and more. Find the ultimate solution for a more beautiful, efficient and safe space.

A Lutron Lighting Control System Lowers Energy Costs

“Save one dollar for every square foot” and other surprising facts about automated commercial lighting

A Lutron Lighting Control System Lowers Energy Costs

Minimizing overhead in your Richardson, TX, business is essential to staying ahead of the competition. But costs can pop up unexpectedly, so you must manage what you can. Fortunately, a Lutron lighting control system makes it easy to reduce your energy usage and lower costs automatically. In this blog, we’ll share some surprising facts from Lutron and how you can use an integrated ecosystem to streamline and minimize the amount of money you spend on lighting. Keep reading for more.

TAGS: LED | Lutron | Quantum

3 Need-to-Know Facts About Commercial Lighting

How a Smart Lighting Control System Can Help You Save

3 Need-to-Know Facts About Commercial Lighting

Getting the most out of your Dallas, TX, business means reducing expenditures anywhere you can. But you don't want to sacrifice service to save money. Instead, you can simplify and streamline your energy usage. With a smart lighting control system, you can lower your energy costs while promoting an efficient and productive working environment. In this blog, we'll show you some surprising facts about lighting control. To see how you can benefit from an integrated system, keep reading.

TAGS: Commercial Automation | Smart Lighting Control

Finding the Right Fixtures for Your Lighting Control System

Create a Custom Layered Design for Your Home

Finding the Right Fixtures for Your Lighting Control System

Few aspects of a smart automation installation are as fun or as practical as building a lighting control system. Control is the easy part: connecting separate fixtures to a single user interface. You can command different zones to create elegant, layered looks for every occasion.

The hard part is more fun and involved: finding the right fixtures that accentuate your personal style. Whether you enjoy an austere, industrial look, or a rustic, classical design, we can help you find the fixtures that work for your Highland Park, TX home. Want to learn how? Keep reading.

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TAGS: Lighting Control | Lutron | Smart Lighting