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Articles in Category: Interactive Video Displays

Why Your Store Needs Interactive Video Displays

How Technology Can Help You Engage with your Customers

Why Your Store Needs Interactive Video Displays

As e-commerce continues to expand, how can your retail storefront engage your customer base? One answer is to think about what makes online shopping so exciting and convenient and incorporate those tools into your brick and mortar establishment. An interactive video display can provide your customers with the ability to browse goods and compare prices on one screen. Plus, they will have the added benefit of seeing and feeling the product before purchasing. If that sounds interesting, continue reading to learn more about adding interactive technology to your Westlake, TX establishment. 

TAGS: Digital Signs

Want to Interact with Your Screens?

Introduce Interactive Video Displays to your Prosper Home

Want to Interact with Your Screens?

Although there’s a common belief – especially in Texas – that the size of the screen is the most important aspect, current televisions can offer much more than that. Interactive media displays can bring your family and home design together. They are modern screens that may include touch technology or involve multiple screens that connect to each other. This can mean displaying larger images across multiple screens, playing multi-player games on different televisions, or touching your television to select a show. When your screen is interactive, it opens up new possibilities for designing your home and having fun with your family. Read on to learn more about what these interactive media displays can do in your home.  

TAGS: Home Audio Video | Media Rooms | TV Installation

Where to Place an Interactive Video Display

How Commercial Audio Video Can Revolutionize Your Spaces

Where to Place an Interactive Video Display

Adding TVs to your business is pretty standard for Texas. It’s a great way to entertain guests whether they are eating, waiting for a service, or shopping. But what can you do to distinguish your company in McKinney from its competition? You can make a more dramatic impact with an interactive video display, which is a grid of screens that make up one image, or multiple images. They can also have touch capabilities so customers can interact with the screens. Here are a few ideas for how you can use interactive video displays in your Texas business. 

TAGS: commercial automation | interactive video displays | Smart Automation

Different Uses for Interactive Video Displays in Texas

Discover How Video Displays Can Revolutionize a Space

Different Uses for Interactive Video Displays in Texas

There are many things to do in Dallas. If you live outside of the city in a suburb like Allen, Texas, it’s very easy to take a trip and visit some local landmarks and attractions. Have you noticed that a lot of businesses are updating their building with new audio and video? Or perhaps you own a business and are thinking about installing new technology to increase interest and gain new visitors. Whatever the case, this blog is dedicated to the various ways an interactive video display can revolutionize a space. 

TAGS: commercial automation | interactive video displays