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Can You Hear Me Now?

Wireless Microphones for More Productive Meetings

Can You Hear Me Now?

You’re excited by your company’s move to new offices in Frisco’s new Legacy West area. The new space includes a new 20-seat boardroom, and you want state-of-the-art collaboration technology.  You routinely hold meetings with many different people from your company in the room, often talking with partners and vendors thousands of miles away by telephone and video conference.

Conference calls can be productive, but only if everyone that participates can be heard clearly and cleanly.  Garbled voices, or people that sound far away, or ones that don’t speak loudly enough, can be problems in teleconferences.  Who always wants to be asked to repeat what they just said? 

Your new conference room should have a modern wireless microphone system.  Read on to read about options that let every participant’s voice come through – reducing meeting times and enhancing communication.

TAGS: Commercial Automation | Productive meetings | Videoconferencing | VOIP

How to Embrace The Great Outdoors This Summer

Amp Up Your Vacation With Sweet Outdoor Music

How to Embrace The Great Outdoors This Summer

Summer is here in the Dallas area, and that means a few things.  School is out, traffic will get ever-so-slightly better, and we’ll be spending more time outdoors.  It will be hot as always, but that’s why we have swimming pools here. 

What better way to enjoy your pool and outdoor living spaces than with the right AV technology?  Nothing beats a float in the pool, a cold drink in hand, and great tunes on a hot summer day. Or a beautiful summer afternoon spent watching baseball on the patio under the gentle breeze of the overhead fan. 

If you want to enjoy the best in outdoor living, read on to see how.

TAGS: landscape speakers | Origin Acoustics | Outdoor audio | Outdoor TV | Sonance | Sunbrite TV

5 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

Smart Technology For Your Restaurant

5 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

The restaurant menu seems like one of the last bastions of defense for paper in our increasingly digital world.  And in a fine dining establishment, an elegantly presented paper-based menu is still the standard. Perhaps someday it will be a tablet, but not quite yet.

However, digital menu boards – which is just an application of digital signage for menu information – has many advantages beyond saving trees.  When you go digital, you get the opportunity to tie into other digitally based systems – like your point of sale (POS) solution – to do things that are not easy to do with good old analog paper and regular signage. 

Let’s explore some compelling benefits of going digital with your menu boards in your Dallas eateries.

TAGS: Digital Signage | Restaurant Technology

The Internet of Things

What Is it, and Why It is Important?

The Internet of Things

We’re sure you’ve heard about the Internet of Things (IoT).  You may have a vague idea that it describes a worldwide network of smart devices.  And it is about that.  Your smartphone that you probably check every 10 minutes is one of those smart devices. 

But IoT is about much more.  And there are two sides to it; consumer devices and devices used in business and industrial applications.  Since a big part of our business is in home automation, we’re going to look at IoT from the point of view of the smart home.

So let’s demystify the Internet of Things as it relates to the smart home.  With the answers to these questions, you can get a better idea of what IoT is and how it can affect your home in Southlake. 

TAGS: Home Automation | Smart Devices | Smart Home