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Make Collaboration More Interactive

Add Touchscreen Technology to Your Meeting Spaces

Make Collaboration More Interactive

The nature of work and collaboration is changing.  More powerful portable devices and new communication and collaboration software have radically changed the way information can be accessed and shared, speeding up decision making and changing the nature of workspaces as well.

We have discussed in the past the benefits of conference room technology and interactive displays for a variety of business and educational applications.  Interactive displays can also improve collaboration.  Just about everyone has a touchscreen smartphone, tablet, or other devices, and that has made the use of touch and gesture as common a way to interact with a computing device as a mouse, trackpad, and keyboard.  Microsoft had also made touch interaction a standard part of the Windows operating system, popularizing desktop touchscreen monitors and displays on laptops that can double as tablets. 

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How to Transform Your Home Audio With McIntosh

The Audiophile Choice for Over 60 Years

How to Transform Your Home Audio With McIntosh

Are you an audiophile?  Whether you consider yourself one or not, chances are that if you love music, you can appreciate what great sound is when listening to it in your Highland Park home.  Music can transport us, invoking emotions, memories, and feelings in a way that few other experiences can.  We go listen to live music because that experience is immersive and memorable, even if you have heard all the music many times before. 

While some say that live music is much better than listening to a recording, we beg to differ.  Both are great but in different ways.  On the best recordings, artists, producers, and recording engineers have the luxury of mixing and recording tracks until they achieve the result they envision; in a live performance, they have one shot to make it sound right.  With a great recording, you can listen to that perfect track over and over; it will always sound the same as you expect. 

TAGS: Hi-Fi Audio | High-Performance Audio | Lossless Streaming | McIntosh

High Fidelity and High Style

Focal Audio Offers Stylish High-Performance Sound

High Fidelity and High Style

If we asked you to name some of the top high-performance speaker brands, the name Focal might not be one of the first ones that come to mind. Yet this French company has been making speakers and speaker components since 1979, and today makes a broad range of transducers from headphones to the ultra-high-end Utopia speaker line. The company is proud of its French heritage. In an era where many audio vendors manufacture their products in Asia, Focal continues to produce the majority of their lines in France.

What’s different about Focal speakers? Let’s explore more about their high-fidelity speakers to find out if they’re the right fit for your Southlake home.

TAGS: Focal Speakers | high-fidelity sound | high-performance audio

Everything You Need to Know About Wireless Speaker Systems

Are They Right For You?

Everything You Need to Know About Wireless Speaker Systems

As a smart home and AV systems integrator, we have done dozens of residential and commercial audio speaker installations. If someone comes to us wanting to incorporate high-quality audio in multiple rooms in their Frisco home, we have many options we can propose.

We work with major speaker manufacturers like Origin Acoustics and Sonance for built-in speaker systems in homes. We also work with premier audio equipment brands like Mcintosh for high-end listening systems. Generally speaking, a wired speaker solution is going to provide the best audio performance in a home.

In some cases, homeowners may not want to run wires in walls for built-in speakers, or structural issues that might make that impractical. In the past few years, wireless speakers have become enormously popular, mostly from the prevalence of simple-to-use Bluetooth wireless speakers that allow you to stream most any audio from your smartphone or tablet. These days, wireless speakers can be a viable - and high quality - solution for one room to multiroom systems.

Read on to learn more about wireless speakers and see if they are right for you.

TAGS: Multiroom Audio | Sonos | Whole Home Audio | Wireless Audio