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Get in the Groove With Whole Home Audio

Stream Lossless Music to Every Corner of Your Property

Get in the Groove With Whole Home Audio

Whether you’re hosting a party or just having a casual night in, music can play a large role in your daily life. A whole home audio system is a great way to enhance your McKinney, TX home and access your favorite streaming services at any time. Here, we’ll cover what it means to have high-quality music streaming throughout your house with ease and simplicity. Read on to learn more.

TAGS: audio video system | control4 | Lossless audio

5 Smart Back to School Basics

How to Use Your Prosper, TX Smart Home to Keep Your Family on Track

5 Smart Back to School Basics

The end of August can be the most hectic time of year. Not only are families taking kids back to school, but many companies begin to gear up for the busy holiday season. Most people go from vacation and relaxation mode to panic. However, you can avoid all of that stress by using smart home automation in your Prosper, TX home. Here are five ways you can use your smart home to get your family back on schedule.

TAGS: Back to School Tech | Smart Home Automation

4 Ways to Use Smart Lighting Control in Your Business

Reduce Energy Costs, Increase Sales and Boost Employee Efficiency

4 Ways to Use Smart Lighting Control in Your Business

It’s easy for businesses to underestimate their lighting. As long as there’s enough light to get things done, many managers think they’re good to go. But every type of company and every individual task therein can benefit from a unique lighting strategy. Not only can a focused approach help you conserve energy, but it can also enhance efficiency and profits as well. Which is why a lighting control system can be such a powerful tool in your Prosper, TX business. Below we showcase some ways a smart lighting solution can be beneficial. 

TAGS: Boardroom Control | Energy Savings | Lighting Design

What Role Can Motorized Shades Play in Your Interior Décor?

Enhance Your Home’s Style with a Smart Shading Solution

What Role Can Motorized Shades Play in Your Interior Décor?

Motorized shades stand out for the way they can protect your privacy and reduce your monthly energy bills, but they do have another trick up their sleeve. They play a pivotal role in enhancing your home’s style. For years, custom integrators and interior designers have worked hand-in-hand to get the most out of this technology. While we provide the intuitive control, designers find the best way to implement the shades into homes throughout McKinney, TX. In this blog, we highlight just some of the things we've learned from working with interior designers for our smart shading solutions.

TAGS: Interior Design | Lutron | Smart Shading