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2 Channel Hi-Fi Audio



A 2-channel listening configuration includes two speakers, whether large or small, sitting directly in front of the audience—be in a home theater, media room, or bedroom. Crown Audio Video offers beautiful freestanding and bookshelf loudspeakers that produce high-resolution sound. As a certified dealer of premium brands like Revel, Yamaha, and Phase Technology, we can provide the speakers, subwoofers, amplifier as well as all the acoustic treatments. With a variety of speaker styles, finishes, and audio accessories to choose from, you are sure to find a 2-channel set-up that you’ll love.

Here are just a few of the benefits and features of a 2-channel Hi-Fi setup in your Texas home:

2-Channel Sound – Ninety-nine percent of all music is recorded in a stereo format, meaning the music has been arranged to come out of two speakers. As opposed to surround sound in a home theater, 2-channel set-ups recreate the experience of being at a concert. You face the stage and listen to the sound that is being created through a left speaker and a right speaker, as well as subwoofers for additional bass. Two quality Hi-Fi loudspeakers and one subwoofer will reproduce full-range sound and continuous depth.

Hi-Fi Audio Products – Hi-Fi stands for high-fidelity, and is used interchangeably with high-performance audio. It refers to the high-quality reproduction of sound and has minimal amounts of distortion. High- resolution or Hi-Fi speakers and amplifiers make sound that is closest to the original recording. The sound mix has also been arranged to create the impression of sound heard from various directions, as in natural hearing. So if you have sharp ears and love music, then a pair of Hi-Fi speakers will satisfy your desires for pure sound.

Custom Controls – Today, not only can you access your entire music collection digitally through platforms like iTunes, but you can also stream music through online services like Tidal and Deezer. We tie all of those sources together and make them easily accessible on one easy-to-use-interface on a mobile device like a tablet.

Consultation and Installation – Crown Audio Video is a respected and certified dealer of premium audio products and can meet all of your needs. First, we consult with you to discover your listening preferences, then we make a recommendation based on your desires and budget. Our team then installs the equipment and handles any required design elements. We have a custom woodworking machine, called the CNC machine, which creates pieces of artwork, speaker enclosures, audio furniture, displays, sound paneling and more.