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What’s New in Smart Home Automation?

What We Found at CES for Your Whole Fort Worth Home

What’s New in Smart Home Automation?

This month, the Consumer Electronics Show took place in Vegas. It is a space for tech companies to showcase the latest and greatest in their field. There, we discovered several products that could improve your Texas home’s convenience and ease of use. If you’re looking for the latest in smart home automation, continue reading. We will break down what’s new by room, so you can see exactly what the benefits will be. 

TAGS: Lighting Control | Motorized Shades | Smart Security

3 Ways Your Frisco Office can Benefit from Lighting Control

Control Your Lights, Control Your Bottom Line

3 Ways Your Frisco Office can Benefit from Lighting Control

Many commercial spaces aren’t paying enough attention to their lighting, and the effect is wasted energy and money. If you own or operate an office building in Texas, consider lighting control to help manage the use of electricity and keep the books balanced. If you haven’t heard of automated lighting, it places all your illumination devices under one system. You can change your settings in any room from one set of controls, which can include on-wall touchpanels, smartphones, or tablets. This may all sound convenient, but you’re probably wondering how it will impact your bottom line. Read on to learn about three ways lighting control can improve your office’s efficiency. 

TAGS: Commercial Lighting Control | Energy Savings | Motorized Shades

Sonance Offers Audio Solutions for Your Whole Home

Audio Systems for Every Room in Your Westlake, TX Home

Sonance Offers Audio Solutions for Your Whole Home

You have taken the time to design your ideal home. You have selected the furniture, artwork, and accessories with care. Perhaps there is one aspect you’re forgetting: the sound. Music can personalize your home and establish the right mood for any space. With a whole home audio system, every room can easily become an expression of you. However, the addition of an audio system shouldn’t distract from your style but rather mesh with each space. Consider Sonance speakers to preserve your style while adding the best quality sound. To learn more about Sonance’s solutions and how they might fit into your home and lifestyle, read on. 

TAGS: Hidden Speakers | Home Theater Design | Outdoor Entertainment

Smart Home Design Trends for 2017

If You’re a Smart Home Designer in Dallas, Tx, Take Note

Smart Home Design Trends for 2017

When you’re in the business of smart home design,  you need to stay informed. For one thing, home technologies are constantly improving and evolving, and at the same time, the style and decor trends are also changing. To help keep you up to date on the latest trends, we have compiled a list of what we believe will be the most popular features of 2017. So, whether you’re a builder, an architect, or an interior designer, here’s an idea of what the new year will bring and what Dallas homeowners are expecting when they ask for a smart home. Keep reading to learn more. 

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